When did Jeff Koons make the balloon dog?

When was the blue balloon dog created?

When Koons first conceived of the sculptures, in 1994, as part of his “Celebration” series, the project nearly bankrupted Koons, who nearly didn’t execute the oversized work at all.

Who made the first balloon dog?

The year was 1997 or ’98, Jeff Koons said. He had the idea for his first “Balloon Dog” sculpture: a Pop piece shaped like a kid’s birthday party favor — except made of mirror-polished stainless steel and measuring nearly 12 feet long.

How much is a Jeff Koons balloon dog worth?

On November 12, 2013, Koons’s Balloon Dog (Orange) sold at Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale in New York City for $58.4 million (above its high $55 million estimate), becoming the most expensive artwork by a living artist sold at auction for five years.

What is Jeff Koons balloon dog?

Using the recognizable form of a balloon twisted into the shape of a dog, Koons has frozen a moment in time, exaggerating both scale and material. Balloon Dog (Blue) is literal and abstract. When standing close to it, one’s own distorted reflection bends around smooth pert curves.

Who inspired Jeff Koons?

Jeff Koons’ “Rabbit,” a 3-foot-tall stainless steel sculpture reminiscent of a silver balloon animal, is officially the world’s most expensive work by a living artist. “Rabbit,” which sold at Christie’s for $91.1 million this Wednesday, was one of six auction items drawn from the collection of S.I.

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Who bought the Jeff Koons balloon dog?

Also among those sold was also the most expensive piece ever by a living artist, Jeff Koons’s “Balloon Dog (Orange).” The big orange dog (above) was purchased by an unknown telephone buyer for $58.4 million from the previous owner, publishing magnate Peter Brant.