What’s wrong with Rachael Ray’s dog isaboo?

What happened to Rachel’s dog isaboo?

Celebrity cook Rachael Ray and her husband John Cusimano were heartbroken when they had to say goodbye to Isaboo, their beloved Pit Bull. Isaboo lived to be 15 years old, and she passed away peacefully by her family’s side. The couple felt lost without their rescue dog, but they knew what they had to do.

Did Rachel Ray lose her dog in the fire?

The celebrity chef’s Lake Luzerne, New York, home caught fire on Aug. 9. Ray, her husband, John Cusimano, and their dog, Bella, were not harmed in the fire, but it did destroy precious items and memories.

What kind of dog was isaboo?

Rachael Ray Adopts Adorable Puppy After Losing Beloved Pit Bull. The news comes one month after the passing of Ray’s beloved pit bull, Isaboo.

What kind of dog is Bella Boo?

“Bella joined our family 1 year ago today,” chatty food celebrity Rachael Ray wrote in an Instagram post on June 15, alongside a sweet photo of her female pit-bull-mix pup, Bella Boo Blue (via People).

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Does Rachael Ray have a private jet?

In a recent profile in the New York Times, the chef revealed that she spends more than $80,000 for a private jet so her pit bull, Isaboo, can travel to Italy with her and her husband John Cusimano.

How did Rachel Ray lose her home and her dog?

Rachael Ray and her family’s home recently burst into flames. The cause of the fire is unknown, but Ray, her husband John Cusimano, and their dog Bella Boo Blue, all had to evacuate in a panic. It was a difficult time for all of them, but luckily, firefighters rushed to the rescue.

How did Rachel’s house burn down?

Ray has previously explained that a man driving by on a motorcycle had stopped and alerted her that her roof was on fire. In the end, she and her husband of 16 years, John Cusimano, lost everything. (Ray thought for a few days that her pizza oven had made it, but then the last beam in the house broke.

Is Rachael Ray generous?

Ray and Cusimano have recently made generous donations

The couple’s desire is to get food and sustenance to anyone in need.

What does Rachael Ray feed her dog?

Rach makes Isaboo special food every day, she says. First she makes couscous, because it’s soft on Isaboo’s palate. “Then, separately, I poach very lean meat — I trim it myself, chicken, lamb or beef — in bone broth or water with carrot tops, parsley and a bit of mint and low-sodium light salt.

Is Rachael Ray’s new dog a pitbull?

Rachael Ray adopted Bella Boo Blue in the summer

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A few months after Isaboo’s death, Ray and Cusimano adopted from the North Shore Animal League a pit bull puppy that they named Bella Boo Blue. “Happy Adoption Day to Bella Boo Blue, who we welcome to our family today! She loves how we roll!

How old is Rachael Ray’s new puppy?

Rachael Ray Show – Rachael’s Puppy Bella Boo Blue Is 6 Months Old!

Did Rachael Ray lose home?

Rachael Ray and her husband John Cusimano are dealing with yet another real-estate fiasco just a year after losing her longtime home to a fire. Ray, 53, told People that after the family’s primary home in Lake Luzerne, New York burned down, she and Cusimano moved to their New York City apartment.