Question: Did the dog die in Big Jake?

Does the dog get killed in Big Jake?

By far, Big Jake contains the actor’s best work with Wayne. In it, the 6’4″, 300-pound Palmer memorably plays a vicious machete-brandishing villain who kills Big Jake’s dog and threatens his grandson’s life with near deadly results.

Was the dog in Hondo the same dog in Big Jake?

Also, don’t forget the dog named “Dog” in Big Jake…. The dog Sam in Hondo is in real life Lassie… Big Jake was the best, Dog!! Played by Silver and Laddie.

What dog is in Big Jake?

Martha decides instead to send for her estranged husband Jacob “Big Jake” McCandles, who wanders the west as a gunfighter with his black Rough Collie mix, simply named “Dog”.

Does the dog in Hondo die?

4 for a memorial that paid tribute to Hondo and helped those who loved him to remember a “great” dog … “Dog” is killed by a bad guy with a machete at the end of the movie.

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How many dogs were in Big Jake?

Two collies, trained by Robert Weatherwax and Rudd Weatherwax, played Dog, John Wayne’s faithful companion: Silver and Laddie (Lassie Jr.)

Who was the villain in Big Jake?

John Fain is the main villain of the 1971 action/adventure movie Big Jake. He was played by the late Richard Boone. Fain led a vicious gang of kidnappers and criminals, who kill lots of the McCandle’s family and friends and kidnaps Jacob’s grandson for a 1,000,000.00 in a big red strongbox.

Did Geraldine Page like John Wayne?

Geraldine Page, a Broadway actress with very liberal political views, was horrified by the right-wing views of John Wayne, Ward Bond, James Arness, and John Farrow. However she felt Wayne’s remarks were more reasonable than the views expressed by Bond and Farrow.

Why did John Wayne and Christopher Mitchum fall out?

John Wayne’s last film with Christopher Mitchum. The two actors fell out when Mitchum disagreed with Wayne’s conservative views during a television interview, and they never spoke again. Mitchum tried to get in touch with Wayne in 1979 when the veteran star was dying of cancer, but did not receive any response.

Is Big Jake a true story?

If you want to know more about John Wayne’s career and life, please read my book: John Wayne has no intention of quitting, as Big Jake, or as John Wayne the real-life actor. The film is based on a three generational plot, enabling Wayne to pass down the tradition of the West to his sons and grandsons!

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What was John Wayne’s dog’s name?

Happy #nationaldogday John Wayne loved dogs & his nickname, Duke, came from his childhood dog. The two were inseparable & came to be known as Big Duke & Little Duke. The Wayne family always had dogs around, swipe to see more photos of Duke & his dogs. Let us know what your dog’s name is in the comments!

Was Michael Wayne in Big Jake?

Big Jake was more than just another Wayne picture. The full-fledged family production featured Wayne’s three real-life sons—Michael, Patrick and Ethan.

What kind of motorcycle was used in Big Jake?

He is pictured here on a Honda SL 350 during the filming of Big Jake. The motorcycle was used for production & had a camera fastened to it and was rode by stuntman, Everett Creach. Barbara Mulle and 6,609 others like this.

Where was Hondo filmed?

The picture was filmed on location in Camargo, Chih., Mexico, with the co-operation of the Mexican government.