Has Monty Don got another dog?

Who is Monty’s new dog?

Monty Don’s dog Nellie, known as Nell is a Golden Retriever who joined Gardeners World in 2016. Described by Monty as having the attention span of a gnat, she often does not share the same amount of screen time as Nigel!

Did Monty Don get another dog?

Nell and Patti are good pals!

The TV personality’s dog Nigel sadly passed away in 2020, and in February 2021 Monty shared a photo of large commemorative terracotta he had been gifted engraved with Nigel’s name. He also shared a snap of Nigel with Nellie, writing: “Found this from last year. They made a good pair.

What happened to Monty Dons other dog?

In an Instagram post to his 740,000 followers, he said: “I am very sorry to announce that Nigel has died. “To the end he was happy, healthy and his usual calm, lovely self. “But he was suddenly taken ill and he slipped quietly away with no pain or suffering and is now buried in the garden with lots of tennis balls.”

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Who is the new dog on Gardeners World?

Patti the new dog on Gardeners’ World 2020.

How old is Monty Dons dog Nellie?

The 11-year-old pooch became a surprise star after appearing on Gardeners’ World alongside his owner.

How old is Nellie Monty’s dog?

Gardeners World: How old is Nellie? Monty Don’s dog Nellie is 4 years old. The stunning pup celebrated her birthday on September 22nd, 2019.

How many dogs did Monty Don have?

Gardeners’ World presenter Monty currently shares two pet dogs with his wife Sarah. Together they own a golden retriever named Nell and a Yorkshire terrier named Patti.

What breed is Monty Don’s dog?

Sharing the snap, which saw the cute Yorkshire terrier in Monty’s garden, on his Instagram, the horticulturist wrote in the caption: “Whenever I am in the garden, Patti is close by.” Fans were loving the cute picture. One person wrote in the comments: “She is the cutest!

What’s Monty Don’s dogs called?

Don has owned many dogs throughout his adult life. Two that he currently owns are Nellie, a Golden Retriever, and Patti, a Yorkshire terrier; both are seen on camera with Don on Gardeners’ World.

When did Monty Don lose his dog Nigel?

The Gardeners’ World star’s dog sadly passed away in 2020, but many fans took comfort knowing that his burial plot has taken pride of place in Monty’s beautiful garden, which is regularly seen on the popular BBC Two gardening show.

Has Monty Don’s dog Nigel passed away?

Revealing Nigel’s devastating death last year, Monty had written on social media, alongside a photo of his dog: ‘I am very sorry to announce that Nigel has died. Nigel this time last year, the old boy soaking up some winter sun. ‘To the end he was happy, healthy and his usual calm, lovely self.

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Which of Monty Dons dog died?

Gardeners’ World expert Monty Don has revealed his golden retriever Nigel has died after being “suddenly taken ill”. “To the end he was happy, healthy and his usual calm, lovely self,” the presenter wrote on Instagram.