How do you get triumphant sea dog gloves?

How do I get triumphant sea dog Cutlass?

Obtaining. The Triumphant Sea Dog Cutlass is purchased from the Weaponsmith’s Shop, but requires: The Skilled Swashbuckling Sea Dog commendation.

How do you unlock triumphant sea dog belt?

The Triumphant Sea Dog Belt is purchased from the General Clothing Shop, but requires: The Dedicated Sea Dog (Grade 1) commendation.

How do you become a legendary sea dog?

Since some players had already reached 240 wins by that time, they decided to award an unique legendary item to any player who managed to reach 240 wins before the next major patch, with the new 100 win requirement unlocking the regular Legendary weapons.

Is there a glorious sea dog fishing rod?

The Glorious Sea Dog Wheel. The Glorious Sea Dog Cannon. The Glorious Sea Dog Capstan. The Glorious Sea Dog Figurehead.

Clothing Items.

Name Glorious Sea Dog Dress
Cost 10,800
Rep n/a
Type Dress

How do I get the glorious sea dog pistol?

The Glorious Sea Dog Flintlock Pistol is purchased from the Weaponsmith’s Shop, but requires: The Sharpshooting Sea Dog commendation.

How many wins do you need to get legendary sea dog?

“Any Legend looking to claim this unique weapon cosmetic after that point will be able to unlock it with 240 wins, as per the original Commendation target.” – thats all I needed to read for this.

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Does Hunter’s call count towards pirate legend?

Reaching level 50 in the Hunter’s Call gets you 1/3rd of the way to Pirate Legend. You can choose any 3 of the 5 trading companies to reach Pirate Legend.

How do I get glorious sea dog Blunderbuss?

The Prominent Sea Dog Blunderbuss is purchased from the Sea Dogs, but requires:

  1. A Sea Dogs Reputation of at least 20.
  2. The Arena Fox promotion.