Memorial Tributes

Memorial Tributes

Patricia Ann Krebs
1942 – 2014

Marchelle Sanchez
1977 – 2015

Gerda Hofer
1934 – 2014

Brennan Hodges

December 2016 Memorials and Honorary Donations

For Eva, With our deepest sympathy and our love in memory of Dieter Lauteman. – Michael & Dianne Gilmer

For Lisa Loewenstein, So sorry for the loss of Nikki.  We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Patti & Cathy

For Jessica Flint, in honor of Sid, Hey Jessica, sure hope you’re feeling better soon! Take care and hope Sid settles down some….let’s go to lunch before Christmas if possible! from your friends at WSB-TV: Debbie, Beth and Steve xoxoxox

For Terri De Haan, in memory of Jeffery Steven Ginn. All of us here at Southeast Costume Company are thinking of you and sending our love to both you and Benson. We look forward to our next encounter with your beautiful spirit, seeing your lovely face and hearing your contagious laughter. Your comfy  chair awaits you. With love from Elizabeth, Caroline, Colleen, Craig, & Katie.

For Tree and Bird Treacy, in honor of Gertie, Dottie, Weasel and Heather. MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW  I’m not sure if I filled this form out correctly and also you will probably be notified of this long before anything even remotely resembling a holiday. But uh… HAPPY DECEMBER to you and your fuzzies! - Deyan Crow

In honor of Maddie’s rescue, donation in the name of Matt Phears and Heather Bruce. - Linda Phears

For Kirstyn Smith, in honor of Ronn and Sherri Smith. Merry Christmas! Here’s a little something to help out all the kitties!   XOXO,  Kylee, Evan, and Emmett

In honor of John Watkins. - Elaine Urbina

Dear Stan and Judi, With our sincere sympathy on Stetson’s passing. He was such a sweet and wonderful dog. Love, Dori and Michael

In honor of Carole Ann Webb. I made this donation in honor of you and your enormous heart! Merry Christmas, Snotface! Love you! Anne

In honor of Thomas Wheathera. We love you Tom!!! Happy Birthday! Xoxo Patty and Ray

In memory of Brenda Drukenmiller. Edward, in memory of Brenda Drukenmiller, we are thinking about you and praying for you and your family during this Christmas season. - Gretchen von Dwingelo

For Ashley Williams, Happy new year, Ashley! Wishing you a fun filled, fabulous, purposeful 2017. - Stephanie Lotti

In Memory of Tigger 1993-2008 - Stephen Corbett

In Memory of Picasso 18 Yrs (had to be put to sleep 12/3/16) - Rebecca ‘Charlie’ Russell

In Memory of Tess Addams - Kristin Wohlleben

In Memory of Our First Furkids, Rosebud and Molly (2003-2014) - Richard & Kay Fountain

In Honor of Amberleigh & Windsor - Jeri Jackson

In Honor of all abused and neglected animals - Jordan Platt

In Honor of Cuddles & JoJo - Terri Badour & Haley Duckett

In Memory of Sally “Gemma” Aspey - Thomas apsey

In Memory of Bill Mundy - Claudia Shorr

In Honor of Ozzie & Rudy - Ed Carter

In Honor of Boo Radley - Sally Crowe

In Honor of Boots - Claire Thurber

In Honor of Collin Parker, our beautiful adopted baby from you! - Jessica & Robert Parker

In Honor of Miki - Jan Stansbury

In Honor of George, Blackie, Jessie, Prince - Karen Greene

Thank You for Harper.  Great cat!!! - Samuel & Carole Dautch

In Honor of Bandit Maturo - Lisa Maturo

In Honor of Bella & Butter Bean - Carolyn Barrett

I adopted Selena Gomes a wonderful dog from you! - Geri Priestman

In Honor of Maddie (18 yr old beagle/terrer) - Chrissy Krasinski

In Honor of Nash - who is a wonderful part of our family now for 2 yrs. - Marcus & Pamela Shapiro

In Honor of Hakeem - Patsy Manzo

In Honor of Kitty Carlisle - Pamela Gann

In Honor of Barras - Donna Gapen

In Honor of Makik - Shawne Dervay

In Honor of Tging - our first cat - Jason and Isabell Wells

In Honor of L.D. Crowder - Lisa Crowder

In Honor of Patricia Hurwitz - Shannon Rahman & Ron Garther

In Honor of Gracie the cat - Amanda & Tyler Rudolph

In honor of Lucy - Dana Musselman

In Honor of My 3 sweet kitties I got from you this year. - Cindy Thompson

In Honor of Samuel and Gaston - Derick Villanueva

In Honor of Koko - Vince Caminiti

In Honor of Misty & Casey - Dean Nelson

In Honor of Buddy “Budapest” adopted form Small Dog Rescue 2006-now 12 yrs old - Montrew Johnson

In Honor of Harley, Rosie, Madison, Hershey - Jennifer Thompson, Riley, Mark & Eric

In Honor of Lucy – Nelly Myers

In memory of Jack – Dana Dockery

In Honor of Carole Ann Webb (our daughter who volunteers at Furkids) - Julian & Betty Webb

In Honor of Julia – Janet Faust

In Honor of Dooley – Mrs. Terry Barnett

In honor of Licorice - Keith Guizardi

In honor of Lucy, our fur baby! - Tracy & Bryan Curtis

In honor of Jubilee, Sunny Boy, Libby - Nancy Martin

In honor of David Andes - London & Jerry Andres

In honor of Bill Jordan - Allison & Bill Swilley

In honor Chris Kliros - Linda Kliros

In memory of Maggie - Dixie Tailor

In honor of Snuggles - Pat Dowdy

In honor of Black Orchid - Ronald Gilmore

In honor of Carey Dean - Peggy Dean

In honor of Sammy (Goodwin) - Louise Goodwin

Christmas donation for David & Dragana Andes - Laura Andes


November 2016 Memorials and Honorary Donations

For Mr. and Mrs. Randall Rogers, in memory of Claire Rogers. Our Love to you! - Uncle Myron and Aunt Jan

For Randall & Christy Rogers, in memory of Claire Rogers. We are so sorry for your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers. - Anthony & Terra Winter

In Memory of Claire Rogers. – Dr. Matt Mazzawi

In honor of Samantha Shelton. Happy birthday Sam! - Barbara Orloff

For Holly Hains, in memory of Holly’s loving mom, Martha Haygood. -  Martha, James, Max and Gracie Davis

For the FIV Furkids Team, in memory of Julius the orange Fivvie and in honor of new intake Julia who is his namesake! Team FIV rocks!! - Patricia MacAllister

For Kate Parker & family, in honor of Scooter. Dear Kate, Sorry for the loss of your beloved Scooter, a treasured companion . In memory of your wonderful times together. May all the dogs at the Shelter be as blessed as Scooter was to have found the most loving family on Earth!! ...xoxo Robin

In memory of Joe McFadden. In lieu of flowers, here is a donation to furkids!  Thank you, Joe McFadden for being a excellent man and citizen of this country and I can’t thank you enough for raising an incredible woman, Amy Clavijo, my friend. PS Say “Hi” to Jesus for me! - Martha Murray

For Paul Harrington, in memory of Barbara Harrington. With our Love and Sympathy, Patricia Pennauchi

For Catherine Boyles, in Memory of Martha Boyles. - Gabriella Severcool

In honor of Mrs. Pat Locher – Happy Birthday! From Kelli Eargle

In memory of Martha Boyles – Prue Luers

Thank you Kate for donating the money you earned with your lemonade stand. You have made it possible for us to save a dog’s life.  You’re the best!! – Rebecca Bradley

For Dee Wiley - Merry Christmas and much love! We love and miss you Gammi and PopPop!

In honor of Erica Barnes - Thinking about you – Sheryl Heller

In memory of Patrick Joseph Farrell, for Joe & Sue Farrell, With Our Deepest Sympathy. We are Keeping you in Our Prayers. - Andrea Miller

Merry Christmas, Kathy Friton! - Amon Whitfield

In honor of Elizabeth Jordan( Mom’s name is Marin Grimes).  Elizabeth was going door-to-door in our neighborhood collecting donations for this charity.  I was unable to donate at the time but would like to do so now in her name.  Thank you, Megan Dube

In Honor of Tori – Christin Deloach

In Memory of Dr. Siegal, Cat Clinic of Cobb – Suzy Veley

In Memory of Eddie dog Prall 1997-2016 – Kristine Prall

In Honor of Cloe & Freckles – Beverly Medeiros

In Honor of John & Kay Giaquinto – Vicki Taylor

In Memory of Sophia – Cindy Johnson

In Memory of Laura Caro’s late father – Joann Wood

In Honor of Bella - Sue Howarth

In Honor of Elaine D’Aubert “Dobie” – Peter & Diane Ewing

In Honor of Tipper – Barbara Goodman

In Memory of Karen Herman – Stanley Herman

In Honor of our family at Christmas - Buck & Cindy Lindsay

In Honor of Ernie, Carlo – Arthur O’Neal

In Honor of all our “kids” -  Louis Boviero

In Honor of Tux & Cooper - Don Edwards

In Honor of Prissy – Mary Moss

In Memory of Brooklyn (our dead dog) – Marin Grimes

In Honor of Benji – Elaine & Paul Lyon

In Memory of Bandit – Debi Combs

In Honor of Toast - Olivia Egerstedt


October 2016 Memorials and Honorary Donations

For Marisa Byram, In loving memory of Sam Byram. Squeezed this in before Feast of St. Francis. 😊 – Kathleen Walsh

For Judy Taylor, in honor of Furby Taylor… a pet, friend, and companion. – Lisa Harber

In honor of David and Mary Jo Cox, Thank you so much!!! - Jane and Brenda

In honor of Jackie, she was a well-loved canine companion and she enjoyed a happy life with her family. – Lisa Howard

For Howard and Denise Spielman, in memory of Yasmin. – Sandy Levitt

Mary Morder, in memory of Chino. - Billie Jo Corell

In honor of Kit: A bundle of courage and joy. - Jason Arack

For Adele Howell Shepherd, in Memory of Chief, who showed and shared his heart so wonderfully.I am so sorry for your loss. Chief really blessed our son Adam with tales of Lewis & Clarke. He became part of our hearts through his generosity of caring, spirit, and knowledge. May God bless you with comfort and a surrounding of love. - Adam, Rob and Gretchen

For Peggy Merchant, in memory of my friend Sherwood Merchant.  I know he loved animals and hope this donation will give life to many animals in his memory. – Debra Robinson

For Vicki Ellis, We have donated to FurKids Animal Rescue in memory of Rosie. - Rick & Shirley McDonald

For Eva Lautemann, in memory of Bill Mundy. Love, Dieter and Judy

For Eva Lautemann, in honor of Bill Mundy, who loved his wife Eva and their cats. Eva,  Hope this donation in honor of Bill will make some cats and dogs happy. - Laura

In memory of Bill Mundy. - Amy Bursi

Memorial donation for Bill Mundy who died on 10.19.2016 – Joe Burns

For Eva Lautemann, in memory of Bill Mundy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Eva, as you celebrate the life of your husband, Bill.  May the love of your CAREing Paws family provide you strength and comfort during this difficult time. We love you!  Bill Mundy touched many lives and inspired all those he came in contact with. The world has truly lost a great man and we share your sorrow. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Eva, and your family. We are very sorry for you loss.   With love,  Your CAREing Paws Family

For Sue Wyckoff, in memory of Buster. Buster lived a very good life.  You had so many great times with your little man—memories that will live on with you forever.  Hugs from Fluffy Ruffles & me.

In honor of Leslie Hunter. - Ariel Grodensky

For Eva Lautemann, in memory of Bill Mundy. - Barbara Disney

For Eva Lautemann, in memory of Bill Mundy. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time, Eva. - Joan Britt

For Eva Lautemann, in memory of Bill Mundy. In Bill’s Memory, from all of us at the Mountain Park Branch.

For Joel and Rachel VanderPol, in honor of Cobie VanderPol. Coach Rachel,  For everything you have done for our 2016 Volleyball team, we wanted to honor sweet Cobie VanderPol - the newest member of the VanderPol family! - 2016  MBCA Volleyball Team

In honor of the wedding of Amanda and Kurt Brundidge. Congratulations on your wedding! xo Suzanne and Ed

In memory of Bill Mundy, with love to Eva Lautemann. -  Mike & Dianne Gilmer

For Jessica Duncan and Kyle Propes, in memory of Carlos. Dear Jessica and Kyle,   I’m so sorry to hear about Carlos. This Gaelic blessing has helped me through some losses and I hope it will give you some peace as well. For Carlos and for you, I wish:  Deep peace of the running wave to you. Deep peace of the flowing air to you. Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. Deep peace of the shining stars to you. Deep peace of the infinite peace to you.  Thinking of you,  Susan Graham

For Eva Lautemann, in memory of Bill Mundy. Eva, I am so sorry! I am thinking of you during this difficult time. - Sofia Slutskaya

For Adele Shepherd, in memory of Elton Wesley Shepherd, Jr. “Chief” - With many fond memories of Chief. - Janis

In memory of John S Gridley, Jr. - husband, father, grand-father, Vietnam Veteran and lover of all four-legged FurKids! - Sharon  Gridley

For Eva Lautemann in memory of my friend Bill Mundy.  He was a great friend and will be missed. - James Brown

For Eva Lautemann, in memory of Bill Mundy. With Deepest Sympathy. - Vince and Kathy Gallo

For the Rogers Family, in memory of Claire Rogers. Wishing your family strength and good memories. - Amy & Jerry Rothenberg


September 2016 Memorials and Honorary Donations

For Lyndsay & Tommy Bottichio, in loving memory of our favorite Grandpuppy, Quorra Bottichio. We know how badly her parents Lyndsay and Tommy Bottichio miss her. Love you - Mom & Dad

For Becky Patrick, in memory of Matilda Patrick. It’s hard to say goodbye to such a special companion like Matilda. Our thoughts are with you. -Steve & Michael

For Linda Adams, In honor of eBay, who will be greatly missed. – Cindy Morris

In honor of Blanca & her 2 siblings. – Carl Merritt

For Sigrid & David Read, in memory of Casper Read. “What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose; All that we love deeply, becomes a part of us.” - Helen Keller; In Memory of Casper’s walk across the Rainbow Bridge. – Erica Stein

In honor of Riley Thompson. – Scarlett Smith

Riley and Mark, Happy Birthday! Here’s to hoping we can help all of the little kitties and puppies find great new homes! Love, Scarlett and Adelaide Smith

For Shannon and David Pierce. Happy Birthday Molly! – Geoffrey King

In honor of Molly’s adoption! – Jax Palma

In honor of Griffin’s Gotcha Day (Barq 2015). - Kristin and Josh  Echelbarger

In honor of Anita Lynn, Just a small token of gratitude for your help in facilitating the Breman opportunity. Have thoroughly enjoyed the entire process, the learning and the new friends.  Your kindness is truly appreciated.  Love, Monica

In honor of Anna Giuliano, Thank you for using my services. – Lynn Marie Persi


August 2016 Memorials and Honorary Donations

For Lauren Lam, Happy birthday, Lauren! Mira can’t wait to celebrate with you! Since we have a fuzzy little rescue dog of our own, this cause is near and dear to our hearts. xoxo Mira and Family

For Cassie Wilson, Cassie, Congratulations on your bar mitzvah! The Sargent family has made a donation to FurKids Animal Rescue & Shelters in your honor! Love, Jeff, Anne, Ryan, Sarah, and our furry friends, Henry & Missy

For Dawn Gillerman, Happy Birthday Dawn! –Sheryl Heller

For Katherine and Becky, Congratulations on your wedding! Glad we could be part of your southern reception! –Matthew Ruzicka

For Marci Reynolds, In honor of Marci Reynolds’ 50th birthday a $50 donation was made. –Alison Sophie and Cameron Glastein

For Micah Bronfman, Micah - a belated mazel tov on your amazing bar mitzvah. We think you are wonderful! Much love, Elise, Bob, Hannah and Max

In memory of Hopper, our big sweet handsome kitty who we loved dearly and will forever miss. –Hilary Fentress

For Jim Thorton, In memory of your dear wife Diane. From the Pred Family

For The Booth Family, In memory of Rocco. Sorry about Rocco’s passing over the rainbow bridge. –Sandy Levitt

For Taylor and Joe Tackett, In loving memory of Sweet Kyra. –Judy Taylor

For The Curtis Family, In memory of our beloved Crash, we make this heartfelt donation to FurKids. May other deserving dogs have a chance for a wonderful life like the one Crash enjoyed. –Lisa Howard & the Distinctive Petsitting Staff

In memory of Holly Bug, our angel. –Marina and Richard Hamilton.

For The Dooley Family, In memory of George Starace. So sorry to hear the news. Uncle George is in our thoughts and prayers. Karen & Scott Andrews

For Evelynn Kuckleburg in memory of Pumpkin, a really great member of the family and who now resides in our hearts and memories. Pumpkin was a great cat. He put up with a lot his last two+ years, including LB, and made good use of all nine lives, but his time finally came to go over the Rainbow Bridge. Good for him but sad for us. -  Martha Church

For Linda Mullins and family, for Midnight and all the people who loved her. - Joe and Bobbi Patterson

For Steve & Sharon Camp in memory of Daisy. We miss beautiful Daisy!   Jim, Beverly, Sophie and AJ

For Nancy in honor of Sylvester! - Andrea & Reid

Behalf of Ruby Reid Birthday! - Edmund Jurgelewicz

For Barbara Finn in memory of Max Finn. For Max and all the animals who want and need dedicated guardians in loving homes. Best wishes to Mackenzie that she will get the veterinary care she needs to be a healthy kitty. - Diana Bowers

For Ken, Beth, and Cole Soons, for Mila and the people who love her. - Joe S Patterson

In honor of Heather DeAngelo. - Rose Eagle

In honor of Dubbie, for the MacAllister Family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. – Jennifer Branch

For Edward Drukenmiller, In memory of Brenda Drukenmiller. – Sara Kay Wheeler

For Sam & Deb White, In memory of Tippy and all the great dogs who will be there to welcome her into the heavenly dog park!! – Millard & Sue

For David and Loris Mann, in appreciation for your warm welcome and hospitality the first time we met.  I’m so glad I got to be part of Rufus and Grady’s Excellent Adventure! – Barbara Cummings

For Judy and Jeff Denney, in memory of Eugenia C. Holden. With deepest sympathy in the loss of your sister. She loved cats and we hope her cat, Callie will be located as she got out of the car in the auto accident—in Covington. - Kay Giaquinto


July 2016 Memorials and Honorary Donations

In honor of my girl Darlene Wagner who keeps the furbabes safe in the ATL. –Lynda Schaum

For Kelly Via and David Green, In honor of your recent nuptials with love and all best wishes for a lifetime of happiness together! Sarah and Charles

In honor of your wonderful volunteer, Ben Farrey. May this gift help McKenzie have her surgery. My pal Eric is interested in fostering/ adopting her when she is ready. Love, Rikki & Eric

For Robert and Tami, In memory of Brenda. So sorry for your loss. Our condolences, Rhonda Walton and Becky Ormsby

For Linda Gill, In memory of Bob Gill, a man I will always remember as full of laughter, love, and life. Linda, my thoughts and prayers are with you daily. I am so sorry for you, for your family and for your dogs that Bob is gone too soon. He was a fine, fine man. I feel blessed to have known him. With much love, Anne Stockton

For Edward Drukenmiller, In memory of Brenda Drukenmiller. –Walt Morling

For Linda Gill, In memory of Bob - a loving husband, father, and friend. He will not be forgotten. All our love, Bonnie and Ed

For Edward Drukenmiller, In memory of Brenda Drukenmiller. We are so sorry for your loss! –Your friends at A&B

For Edward Drukenmiller, In fond memory of Brenda, who seemed always to be smiling and was quick to laugh. She is lighting up heaven now. –Joellen Bringardner

In honor of my other favorite “cat” dog, Nelli-Daly Smith. We love you! Happy Birthday! –Tonya Parkes-Burkett

For Miel, Janna, and Naomi, In memory of Honey. I wish you peace and happiness in this time of our loss of Honey. We hope she is with all the little ones up in the heavens, pain and stress free, and enjoying all the kitties! We love and support you. –Melinda Ritz

For Natalie and Angie, In honor of your sweet Calli, your friends at HD Supply have made a donation to Furkids. Please know that we’re all thinking about you and wish your hearts a speedy recovery. – Total Rewards Team

For Jim Thornton, In honor of Diane Thornton. My sincere condolences to you and your family. Love, Dianne

For Dr. Justin Jones, Thanks for taking such good care of Aladdin and Jasmine, and all the other animals who have been fortunate enough to be under your care. You are an amazing person! – Jane Schillie

Happy birthday to our little Nobie! – Brittany Kish

For Mindy, Happy birthday, Mindy! We’ve donated to FurKids in your name. Love, Lynn & Kimber

For Kathy Friton, Happy Birthday from Pudge, Peyton, Whiskers, Oscar, Veronica, Luke, Cinnamon & Carrots

For Louise Ketterbaugh, For Louise’s love of all four-legged children! We miss you, Love Melissa and Sharon

For Edward Drukenmiller, In memory of Brenda Drukenmiller. Words are absolutely inadequate to express how sorry we are at your loss. Hang in there. Rick & Cherie

For Adele Shepherd, In memory of Wolfie, a sweet and wonderful cat who is greatly missed. – Adele Shepherd

For Diane Kirkpatrick, In memory of John Kirkpatrick. Remembering all of the happy hours spent with our cats over the years. – Jane Kirkpatrick

For Christy Verkuilen, In memory of sweet Sadie and Lucy, we are making a donation to Furkids, a rescue dedicated to saving lives in GA. -Cyndee  McClintock

In memory of Boxer and all of my feline friends and every cat that did not get a loving home. – Ronnie Shorenstein

For Ruth Ann Chapin, In memory of Katheline Chapin ProutyRuth. Ann - made with fond memories of your daughter, Kathy. Bill and Joanne

For Erik and Laura Curns, Colby and Caroline, In memory of faithful and long time friends. – William Curns

For Wyatt Swilley, In memory of Oogie; and in honor of the good home and love you gave him. – Elizabeth Jordan

In memory of Sassy Newman. Sassy Newman, we miss you every day. We miss your smile, loyalty, and the greetings you gave us every time we came home. Yet, we will try to focus on the great times in order to alleviate the sadness our family feels from your loss. – Mathew & Susan Newman

For Jim Thornton, Eileen Endres, Sara Turmel & Maggie Endres, In memory of my friend Diane Thornton - a true animal lover. – Lisa Loewenstein.

For Ruth Ann Chapin, In memory of Kathy Chapin Prouty. – Julia Sharpe

For Bob Chapin, In memory of Kathy Chapin Prouty. – Jason and Beth Howard

For Jim Thornton, In memory of Diane Thornton. Heaven gained a beautiful, kind-hearted, fun woman. Her big personality is forever imprinted in our hearts. – Alex and Allie Alex’s Mobile Grooming

For Edward Drunkenmiller, In Memory of Brenda Drunkenmiller. I didn’t know her for very long, but she was a very sweet lady, and I know she was very loved by her family and friends.  Rest in Peace, Brenda. – Rachel Smith

For Edward Drunkenmiller, In memory of Brenda Drunkenmiller. Edward, In lieu of flowers, I have made this donation in Brenda’s name.  You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.  With sympathy, Terry

In Memory of Mary Thomas Guenther –Allison Taaffe

In Memory of Sampson Summerstein –Paws Whiskers and Wags


June 2016 Memorials and Honorary Donations

For Cammie, In honor of Trooper. – Joanne Hood

For Martha Ann Gregory, In honor of your birthday. Happy Birthday, Martha Ann!! – John Rhodes

In memory of Orange. – Jane Hunt

In honor of my Furkids rescue, Han Solo. – Nancy Van Patten

For Stacey Mueller, In honor of your birthday. – Sari Hood

In memory of Little Orange and to help those like him. – Andrea Cole

For Dana Starr, I know this little engine kitty is very close to your heart.  I make this donation to help Koala and to honor your dedication to Furkids over the years! Candis Fleishman

For Jane Harmon, Thank you so much for making Synchronicity’s season kick-off party such a spectacular success!  Your gorgeous home was the perfect setting, and everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you! Best, Rachel May and Lee Nowell.

For Catherine Dyer and Jason McDonald, To honor your beloved dog Shane, and may his legacy live on. My dearest condolences, Julie Haught.

In memory of Little Orange. – Phyllis Caccioppo

For Dale Tyree, In memory of Spike. You and Spike were both lucky to have found each other. He will be with you in spirit and will continue to watch over you from his spot at the rainbow bridge. Love – Celia.

For the Eileen Endres Family, In memory of Diane Kay Thornton. May your heart & soul find peace & comfort. My thoughts & prayers are with you during this difficult time. XOXO, Karen.

For Jill and Joe Segal, In memory of Brenna Segul. No words can express what we would like to say to you and nothing that we say can make a difference anyway. We hope that the pain subsides with time but we know that it can never go away. – Jill and Paul Paris.

For Dale Tyree, To remember Spike, a wonderful loving companion who will continue to be cherished by all who knew and loved him and who will be in our hearts always! Auntie Heidy.

For Karen and Gil, In memory of Taco. – Debra Robinson.

For Don Webb and Andrea Haskins, In memory of Shirley Webb Ivey. –Louise Weed

In Memory of Joe Richards –Jan Hayes

In Memory of Samantha –Jan Hayes

In Honor of Celia Rappaport –Lois Barcus


May 2016 Memorials and Honorary Donations

For Anita Poole, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Dear Anita,  In honor of your birthday, a donation has been made to Furkids!  - Pam Williamson 😊

For Micah Bronfman, Mazel Tov on this very special milestone! We are so  sorry that we can not be there in person . we know you will do an AWESOME job and go on to do great things in the world. We hope to share in many more Simchas with you and your family.  Love, Eric, Ana  and Sasha Robbins

For Micah Bronfman, Dear Micah,  We are so proud of the work you did for your Bar Mitzvah and the wonderful work you do in the community all of the time!  We loved spending the weekend with you, your family and your furry friends (at least briefly!)!  Can’t wait to see you soon.  All our love, Ali, Jono, Em and Eli

For Carl Berg, In honor of Kate Austin Berg. - Lamar Brown

For Carl and Jill Berg, In memory of Kate Austin Berg. - Brenda and John  Guy

For Carl and Jill Berg, In memory of Kate Austin Berg. – David Cooper

For Carl and Jill Berg, In memory of Jill and Carl’s daughter Kate, from Carl’s “old” fraternity brother. From now on whenever i donate to my animal charities I will always include Kate’s name. Phi Alpha…#147671 – Jeffrey Miller

For Carl and Jill Berg, In memory of Kate Austin Berg. We are profoundly saddened to hear of Kate Austins’ passing. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.  With Love, Nyleen and Mike Brewster

For Carl and Jill Berg, In memory of Kate Austin Berg, a kind and loving human being to all. Carl, Jill & Tom, Sending my regrets and condolences for the loss of Kate Austin. There seems no fairness in her departure whatsoever. My gentlest thoughts are with you guys. - Lisa Crain

For Carl and Jill Berg, In memory of Kate Austin Berg . My heartfelt sorrow for your tragic loss. I was so looking forward to getting to know Kate Austin and Casey better and sharing our love of animals. My love to you all. I am planning to visit later in the summer. Anne and I are discussing. - Cousin Paula

For Carl and Jill Berg,  In memory of Kate Austin Berg. Carl, Jill and Tom:  We were so very sorry to hear of Kate’s passing.  It seems like yesterday she and Lauren were classmates and best friends. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.  Love, Steve and Kathy Lazarus.

For Carl, Jill and Tom Berg, In memory of Kate Austin Berg. My heart goes out to you all and you are in my thoughts and prayers. It is a wonderful tribute to Kate Austin that she cared about homeless animals. God Bless. - Diane Brown

For Carl Berg and Family, In memory of Kate Austin Berg. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time.-  Your friends at A Divine Event.

For Jill and Carl Berg, In memory of Kate Austin Berg. – Robert Katenkamp

For Jill and Carl Berg, In memory of Kate Austin Berg. Love from all the Cochrans

For Jill and Carl Berg, In memory of Kate Austin Berg from the Chapman Family.

For Jill and Carl Berg, In memory of Kate Austin Berg. May Kate Austins Love be carried on by the unconditional love of the furry family this will support. - Mike and Beth  Russell

For Jill and Carl Berg, In memory of Kate Austin Berg. Kate Austin was a wonderful young woman who will be missed by family and friends.  Everyone who knew her was touched by her intelligence, spirit, and love of her animal kids. Our deepest condolences and prayers for your family. - The ROLLS and Whiner ladies

For the Berg Family, Casey Simpson, In memory of Kate Berg, who had a huge heart with a lot of space reserved for animals. I am so incredibly sorry to hear of Kate’s passing. I loved growing up with her as one of my closest friends. You are all in my thoughts now and forever. - Lauren Lazarus

For the Berg and Simpson families, In loving memory of Kate Austin Berg. Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you all during this very difficult time. Sincerely, Patty and Harvey

For Thomas Berg, In honor of Kate Berg - so sorry for your loss, Tank. Prayers for you and your family.  -Amy LaFrank

For Thomas Berg and Family, In sweet memory of the gentle, kind, and beautiful Kate Berg. Because of you, the world is a more beautiful place. All my love to you Carl, Jill, Tom, and Casey. I hope wherever Kate is, she gets to enjoy sea turtles and the ocean as much as possible. Thinking of you. Love, Nikki.

In memory of Kate Berg. - Olga  Alvarez

For Joshua Krebs, in honor of your work at Furkids, we are happy to assist with a donation of $25.00. Love, Aunt Randi, Uncle Doug, Megan & Chris

For Felicia and Joe Strobhert, In memory of your sweet Otto.  We love and miss them so much. Nancy and Dave

For Paula Caray, In honor of Mrs. H.C. Caray, Jr. Happy Birthday, Paula.  This donation has been made to FurKids, one of your favorite organizations, to help them keep rescuing animals, especial senior animals, as you have done all your adult life.  Love, Happy Birthday, and Thank You for all the love and you give to our Fur Kids.  Love, Pat and cats

For Jake Siebel, Happy Birthday! – Sheryl Heller

For Ellen D’Orsi, In honor of your retirement. – Robin Tarpley

For Aimee and Doug Dement, In honor of your wedding! Congratulations! We had a great time at the wedding last Fall and were honored to be there. Wishing you all the best and many years of marriage bliss! - Jen and James Edgar

In memory of Patricia Ann Goodwin. Patricia gave so much to her family, friends, church and community. She will be dearly missed by her husband, children, grandchildren, siblings, and extended family. – The Wilson Family

For Midge McLean, In memory of Milo. So sorry on your loss of Milo. – Gail

For Holly Sheehan Brewer, In memory of Pearl, a very special Furkids senior who was adopted and loved by a very special person. In memory of precious little Pearl, to help other sweet souls like her through Furkids.  She was very loved and will be missed, but she is in heaven now, watching out for her beloved mommy. - Michael Brewer

For Mike Riemann, In memory of my friend, Rose, a spunky woman with a big heart. – Becky Nance

For Mrs. Hope Johnson, In memory of Amy Caitlin Kiel. Bob and I are so sorry for the loss of your granddaughter Amy. Please extend our sympathy to Lisa and all your family.  Love and prayers, Sissie

In Honor of Savannah Rose –Karen King

In Honor of Sarah Berewitz –Jennifer Ritchie


April 2016 Memorials and Honorary Donations

On behalf of Rose Riemann (posthumously). - Anjuli Kapoor

For Addis & Melanie, in honor  of your wedding! Dear Addis & Mel, Many cute doggies and kitties from Furkids are joining me in sending best wishes on celebrating your lives together. Cheers!! Jackie

For Ms. Elizabeth Kelly, in honor of Annie. - Wendy  Ludwig

For Shane Bernstein, Mazel Tov on your bar mitzvah, Shane! I’m so proud of how much you’ve grown and learned, and can’t wait to see the many successes you’ll experience in the future. Thank you for letting me be part of your special day! Mrs. Ames

For Angie Lewis, Happy birthday!! - Miriam Patterson

In memory of our dog. You were a wonderful dog, Happy. – Neal and Linda Manners

In Honor of Chip Falocco. - Paula Falocco

For Mike Riemann, In memory of Mrs. Eva Roswitha Albert Riemann.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you & your family, Mr. Mike. – Victoria and Bobby Hunt

For Mike Riemann, In loving memory of Rose Riemann of Gainesville, Ga. So sorry for your loss. We are here if you need us. Jon, Marie Mayner and Sarah Knuth

For Stephen Prince,  In memory of Mrs. Eva Roswitha Albert Riemann. So sorry for your family’s loss.  Sending you strength and prayers, Samantha Daggett

For Lesley Rife, In honor of Sadie.  The sweetest girl who is missed every day. - Amy Impara-Gregory

For Kate Branch Browne, In honor of Prairie Dawn. Prairie Dawn was a gift from my beloved daughter Kate. Prairie brightened my days. – Carolyn Branch

For Paula Bosworth, In memory of Paul Bosworth. Paula, Want you to know I am sorry for the loss of your Dad. – Carol Chappell

For Gili Sadero, Mazel Tov on your bat mitzvah, Gili! I’m so proud of how much you’ve grown and learned, and can’t wait to see the many successes you’ll experience in the future. Thank you for letting me be part of your special day! Mrs. Ames

For Matt & Melissa Kingston, In memory of Hurley. So sorry on the loss of Hurley, our deepest sympathy. Love,  Aunt Pat & Uncle Jack

For Anne Kelleher, In honor of Boo and Isis. - Dorothy Huenecke

For Michael Schwartz, In honor of Smedbo. - Robert Akers

For Anna Giuliano, In memory of Tom Sharer. Anna, you are ALWAYS in our thoughts and prayers. Tom will always be a “good egg”. We love you. - John & Lori DeRosa

For Tillie Yow and Sidney Dew, In loving memory of Eleanor. - Laura Robb

For Stella & Jack Wissner, In loving memory of Simba. - Amelia Fusaro

For Sue Hicks, In memory of Richard Hicks. –Nancy Pease

For Sue Hicks, In memory of Richard Hicks. –Jeanne Mileur

For Sue Hicks, In memory of Richard Hicks. –Karen Kelly

For Sue Hicks, In memory of Richard Hicks. –Barbara Huff

For the Garson Family, In memory of Joe Garson. –Shannon Brunson

In Honor of Andrew Wood –Lloyd Russell Foundation

In Memory of Deanne Oliver & Frances Tucker –Peachtree Corners Baptist Church


March 2016 Memorials and Honorary Donations

In Honor of Sue Hussey, Volunteer. - Donna Kincaid

Zen Dog, LLC, a pet sitting, dog walking, and animal massage company out of Peachtree Corners, turns 5 years old! - Stephanie Sorensen

For Molly Harris, Happy 10th Birthday Molly.  We hope your year is filled with fun and lots of joy!!  Love, Cameron Baum and family.

For Scarlett Scholte and Snowball, You know I cannot remember Snowball’s real name. This is in honor of all you do and in memory of Berry. – Peggy Beckley

For Hannah Brewer, Happy Sweet 16! A little something because of the love you have for animals. - Joshua Polur

For Mike McLure, Hi Mike - wanted to honor Scooby by donating to a good rescue organization in his name.  Thinking of you at this time and sending love and hugs.   Amy and Steve Kobelski (Kristen’s sister and bro-in-law)

For Karin Slaughter, In honor of your wedding. Dear Karin & Deb:  Sorry I can’t make it for your big day, but wanted to commemorate this very special occasion with a gift to help out a local animal shelter in your honor.  Now all the cats will be sending good vibes your way.  Smile, dance, fall in love all over again. From my family to yours, congratulations on wedded bliss!  Love, Lisa, Anthony & Grace

In Honor of Karina Silver! LouLou Bella is making a donation in your name to express our gratitude for hosting an event with us.  What a beautiful cause you have chosen to help. Many Blessings, Sarah, Elen and Angela

For Oren Panovka, Mazeltov on the occasion of your Barmitzvah.  from Barbara and Mike Wolfson

For Kerry Doherty, In memory of our wonderful neighbor, Charles Cowley, a true southern gentleman.  You will be missed.  Bob and Sherri Beers

For Kerry Doherty, In memory of Charles Cowley. Our thoughts and hearts are with you. Much love, Dick and John

For Kerry Dougherty and Rob McMurray, In memory of Charles Cowley, a kind and gentle man who loved animals, especially cats. - Sue Struthers

For Brooke Pena, In memory of Lucky—who was always there during good and bad times. – Sandy Levitt

For Patricia Sims, In memory of little Harvey  Love and licks,  Amanda, John and Bailey

For Vicki Norman, In memory of beautiful Avery- a precious angel in Heaven now.   With love, Nancy, Paul, Nadia and Boris

For Tom and Carla Fitzpatrick, To honor the life of precious Douglas and his determination to live the longest. His friends will miss him. - Cindy Reis Janvrin

For Celia Ebert, Zeke owned Celia and in the process, he stole many hearts. – Peggy Beckley

For Lisa Schimming, In memory of beloved cat Roxy Schimming. Lisa, I am so sorry you had to endure the loss of your precious Roxy. I know she was a special girl. - Dawn Downes

For Brenda & Jay Baker, In memory of Russ Baker. Our deepest sympathy on the loss of Russ. Pat & Jack

For Brenda Marquis, a tribute to Abby. Always in your heart. With love, Mary Ann

For Becky Buscema, In memory of John Buscema. May the peace which comes from the memories of love shared, comfort you now and in the days ahead. You are in my thoughts and prayers. - Melinda St George

In Honor of Jared Arnduris Barmitzva –Norman Kur

In Honor of Adam Church’s Birthday –Ann Howard

In Memory of Sunny –Deb Singer

In Honor of Elena Kullback –Reese Weinstein

In Memory of Murray Dunbar –Lynn Seybolt


February 2016 Memorials and Honorary Donations

For Mary Beth Chappell Lyles, This Valentine’s day I wanted to show my love for you by sharing it with cats that capture our hearts. – Andrew Lyles

For Elena Kullback, Wishing you a Happy Birthday! Love, Asher Knauer

For Elena Kullback, Happy Birthday!! Love, Reese

For Pace and Rev. Beth Sanders, Wonderful Pace will always have such a special place in your heart. How lucky he was to have you provide his “forever home” here on earth. - Jo Ann Bowdoin-Aynsley

For Wayne and Rubye Wade, From Frazier & Deeter on behalf of Rubye and Wayne Reid in honor of Wayne’s Retirement. – Vickie Hall

For Snominx Frost Malcheska  - Jeanie Kilgour

For Gary and Susan Goldsmith, In memory of Rachel who loved her dog, Kiley. May this help to rescue a fur baby so they can be adopted by someone like Rachel and experience the wonderful love she gave to her pet and her family. – Pam Foster

For Jody Butler Ewing , In memory of Larry Butler, Sr. Remembering Larry with love and laughter.  Thinking of you all - it was a lovely service. - Keller and Sam Torrey

For Ron Rawls, In memory of Jeannie, who will always have a special place in our hearts.   Love Joann, Adam, Shelby, Ansley and Lily

For Roger Dober, To the Loving Memory of Emily Dianne Dober. We love animals too…Bob & Liz Lee

In memory of Emily Dober. - Christy Flynn

For Susan Tarnower, In memory of your Mother. You are in our thoughts.  Please let us know if you need anything at all.  Marci, Lee and Kathy

In memory of my friend Jill Forsyth and for helping her kitties, Ethel and Annie, find their new home - Jeanine Parker

For Leigh Ann and Steve Sadler, In loving memory of Jill Forsyth.  We are so sorry for your loss.  Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Wes and Amy Antenen

In memory of Bruno, Pancho, Frannie, Georgia, Harry Potter, and Bailey - Natalia Schuler

In loving memory of Emma and Maggie.  Thank you for unconditional love, and thank you for guiding us on the path to self love and loving others.  Your spirit lives in our hearts. - Katie Williams and E Anne Maffett

In memory of Molly, our beloved Schnauzer, who died too soon. - Susan Petre

For Mrs. Gayle Norling, Pete got such great pleasure from his fun, loving, and devoted pups. We honor him with a donation to the Furkids Dog Shelter. From: Trinetta, Trent, Tricia, and Trayla

For Gayle England Norling, In memory of Pete Norling. –Sarah Knott

For Gayle England Norling, In memory of Pete Norling. –Judith Klovstad

For Gayle England Norling, In memory of Pete Norling. –Linda Gillespie

For Gayle England Norling, In memory of Pete Norling. –Janice Poe

For Gayle England Norling, In memory of Pete Norling. –Melinda Nicholson

For Gayle England Norling, In memory of Pete Norling. –Glenna Williams

For Gayle England Norling, In memory of Pete Norling. –Lonna Tarnowski

For Roger Dober, In memory of Emily Dianna Dober. –Gloria Lee

For Gayle England-Norling, In memory of Pete Norling, with love from Roxie and Dan.

For Angela and Steve Dunbar, In memory of Murray.  Love, The Seybolts

For Celia and Bailey Pope, In loving memory of Trixie, with sympathy from Holly and Jen

For Claudia Kubek, We’re making this donation in memory of Lucy, so that other furkids can have the chance to love and be loved as much as she was.  Love, your sisters and Aunt Frances

For Anna Giuliano, In memory of Thomas Sharer. - Deborah & Dale  Walb

For Anna Giuliano, In memory of Thomas Sharer. - Helen  Amalfi

For Bex Levine and Nat Rushin, In memory of our sweet Bodhi, who touched so many lives with his gentle love. We wanted to make a donation in honor of our beloved Bodhi.  You gave him so much and now we hope through a donation in his honor another fur baby is able to find a loving family like you gave to Bodhi.  Sending so much love to you both as you miss your sweet boy Bodhi. Love, Donald, Snozz, and Dad

For Anna Giuliano, In memory of Thomas Sharer. –Helen Amalfi

For Anna Giuliano, In memory of Thomas Sharer. –Deborah Walb

For Anna Giuliano, In memory of Thomas Sharer. –Patricia Giuliano

For Leigh Ann and Steve Sadler, In memory of Jeanne Forsyth. –Claudette Acipella

For Leigh Ann and Steve Sadler, In memory of Jeanne Forsyth. –Strickland Brockington Lewis LLP

For Roger Dober, In memory of Emily Dianna Dober. –Brenda Olsen

In Honor of the birth of Olivia Josephine Frost –Jamie Gabriel

January 2016 Memorials and Honorary Donations

In memory of Seven, saved by Furkids but he was the one who rescued me. - Alison Nazarowski

In Memoriam of “Mango” that passed away on 1/13/16 - Thomas Cullum

In memory of Monique Gainer - Jeremy Tanner 

In honor of Frankie - Carly F.

In memory of Tom Sharer. Anna, he sure loved his dogs. He can have as many as he wants now. - Karen P. 

In memory of Mango, who was lucky to have you and was truly one of a kind! She will be missed by all. - Mara Moore 

In memory of a dear and gentle family member, Stella. - Sarah and Charlie 

Sweet Mal, I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to lose your dad. Just wanted you to know I’m thinking about you and little Larry and Jodi. And I’m so grateful that he was around to make you and send you in the direction of my life! All the love and prayers, Brittany

Oren, congratulations on your Bar Mitzvah—The Bronfmans

In honor of Emily W. For the other loves of your life! Save the kitties! Smooches! - Ann Marie

Happy 15th birthday to a long-time FurKids volunteer, Jenna, and the granddaughter of whom I am so proud! With lots of love from Grammy. - Susan Kimel 

In honor of Emily W. - From Nat C.

In loving memory of Leisl who was adopted from Furkids 9 years ago & passed recently due to cancer. Also known as Pretty Girl, Lovey Girl, Leisl Lou and The Flopper
for flopping over when petting her sweet spot near her tail. She brought much joy and will be missed. Thank you Furkids for such a wonderful cat. - Kathleen Votava 

In honor of Pebbles - he was a well-loved kitty and he enjoyed a long and happy life with his caring family. - Distinctive Pet Sitting

To the Hall Family, we enjoy when your family goes on vacation and you get to visit. Love, Noodle and Meatball

For Jane Newton, In memory of Alan Newton. –Bill Hagman

For The Butler Family, In memory of Larry Butler. –Pauline Kephart



September 2015 Memorials and Donations

Healthcare IT Leaders, LLC makes this donation in honor of Shelby Boles.

In memory of Ellie Hinton. Ellie was a precious girl who was a wonderful companion and had a beautiful loving home. Love Erin & Stanis

“A good dog never dies, he always stays, he walks besides you on crisp autumn days  when frost is on the fields and winter’s drawing near, his head within our hand in his old way.” - Anonymous.  In Memory of Cooper, the sweetest rescue dog ever. May your precious soul live through your mama, Rachel Smith, as she lovingly continues for volunteer for Furkids. Love Auntie Beth.

In memory of Zachery Burch. Although it’s difficult to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memories help comfort you tomorrow. Zachery will always be in our hearts. Love, Sandy and Kent

Rowan Michaels, the sweetest dog ever and loved dearly by 3 children and their mother. A member of the family, patient and loving to little ones growing up. Crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is at peace, pain free and waiting to greet us when we arrive. A donation has been made in memory of Rowan. It will allow us to continue providing a no-kill haven for homeless, abused, and abandoned dogs. Rowan we will love you always and so glad you are FREE love Nana


August 2015 Memorials and Donations

For Nannette Weir. National Dog Appreciating Day. In Honor of: Wynonna, Waylon, Willie and (fish) With support: Walton, Nannette and Joe

In memory of Evelyn Lewis, beloved cousin of Lisa Loewenstein and fellow animal lover - Marianne Adams and Karen Michael

To Lisa Loewenstein, sorry for the loss of your cousin.  She was fortunate to have you in her life.  -Marianne and Karen

For Heather Deangelo, Happy Birthday, Love Mom. $100 donation made to Leaf

In memory of George Gordon Morrison From Rob Lauterbach

For Jason, Good Luck

In memory of my cats Atticus & Boo, from Holly Nelson


July 2015 Memorials and Donations

For Marci Reynolds. A donation to Furkids in honor of your birthday

In memory of Harley Jerzerowski. We are so sorry to hear about Harley.  Hoping your loss gets easier with time and you will always have wonderful memories of sweet Harley. Love,  Jerri, Kassie, Josie and Poppy

Debbie, Brooks & Cole, We know Luca will be terribly missed.  From Ronda & Bob Ingwersen

For Cody, the most loving and loved Jack Russel in all of Georgia!  He will live on in hearts forever!  xoxo. Your love of Cody is so deep so to honor him, we are helping other doggies who weren’t as lucky as he was for his 16 years here on earth.  Love you both!  XO, Tracey & Jim

In Memory of Brass Weiland, one of life’s best companions. Our thoughts are with all of you. Brass had a long, happy, loving life. You gave him your best and he gave you his best. We know he will be greatly missed. Love, Mindy, Gregg, Jonathan, Nat & Peanut

In memory of LuLu O’Brien & Savannah Wilson, Love Always, Victoria

In Memory of Tank. Pets. . . in their brief life give us love that lasts the rest of ours. Tank will be remembered with love and laughter. From Lisa Howard & Distinctive Pet Sitters

In Honor of Nacho. Pets. . . in their brief life, give us love that lasts the rest of ours. Caring thoughts are with you. Lisa Howard and all of the Distinctive Pet Sitters.


June 2015 Memorials and Donations

In memory of Jo Booker from Resa Mechling

In loving memory of Jo Booker. She loved her dear sweet rescue animals! Buddy, Just want you to know you are in our prayers and thoughts. I know Jo loved her fur babies! Martha & Bobby Waldrep 

In loving memory of Mama Jo. She was one of the kindest, gentlest people I had the pleasure of knowing.  Thanks for sharing her. She had a big, beautiful heart overflowing with love for her family, friends and animals.  Rest in peace. From Jennifer Grimmer

Donated in memory of Mrs. Jo Booker, one of the kindest and most caring women I knew. We donated our tithe to furkids in memory of your mom this week. Love you guys and keeping you in our thoughts. From Shauntelle Hamlett

In memory of Mary “Jo” Booker. With our deepest sympathy. So very sorry for your loss. Your Friends at ArcherPoint  

In honor and in celebration of Katie’s 9th birthday!  Much love, Courtney H

In memory of Jo Booker, one of the finest ladies I’ve ever known and a lover of all animals, great and small.  From Deborah Tucker

In Memory of your beloved Maggie  We may not be together In the way we used to be; We are still connected by a Cord no eye can see. So whenever you need to find me We’re never far apart If you look beyond the horizon And listen with your heart. From Miranda Petersen.

In loving memory of Jo Booker, a kind-hearted woman who wanted the world to be a better place, for humans and fur babies alike. And with much love to the wonderful Mechling and Booker families. From Christina Whitehead

Happy Birthday to your volunteer, Ben Farrey. He asked that this donation go to the medical care for a Shih Tzu with a skin condition in your care. Ben is a great friend to animals, and to me. Love ya buddy, Rikki Osborne.


May 2015 Memorials and Donations

In Memory of Lexie Benes. Dear Linda & Tom, We are so very sorry about Lexie - you gave her a wonderfully long and happy life, and you did the right thing by her. Crystal has no idea what a great home she has joined!! Best, Claire & Kevin.

In honor of Colleen Romero and her work to raise animal rescue awareness. From Brian Medford

A donation to Fur Kids in memory of Big Bob to help others less fortunate. From Roberta & Gary Lynn

In loving memory of Corona. From Jim & Sue Gerard

In memory of beautiful Maggie. From Pam to Bobbi and Joe

In honor of Linda Voccio – Happy Mother’s Day! Laine Starr

In loving memory of our daughter, Rachel Goldsmith.  May your beautiful smile and spirit live on forever in our hearts. Susan, Gary, and brother Cory.

In memory of Rachel Goldsmith.  It was a blessing meeting her.  John A. Davis, Sr.


April 2015 Memorials and Donations

In honor of BIG PICTURE CASTING – Jen Kelley and Rita Harrell

In honor of Melissa Valencia’s 11th Birthday – Teresa Watch

On behalf of Zachary Stewart from Springbot

In Memory of Rachel Goldsmith – Linda  Conley

For Ambrosia on behalf of Daniel Dooley – George Salyer

In memory of Colonel Merle John (Marion) Addams, father of Jeannine Addams – Mary Elizabeth Minner

On behalf of Cole & Ella (Furkids alumni 2006) – Jacqueline  Martin

In memory of Rhett – a very special cat – Elizabeth  Siegrist

In memory of Madison. Our sympathy for your loss. Pat and Jack


March 2015 Memorials and Donations

In remembrance of Rachel Goldsmith – Linda Krebs

Busch White Norton, LLP, in loving memory of Rachel Goldsmith – Born April 3, 1085. Survived by her loving parents, Susan and Gary Goldsmith and her brother, Cory and her beloved cockapoo, Kiley. She loved animals so this is a great way for her to love continue!

In Rachel Goldsmith’s memory – Diane Sibrizzi

In memory of Rachel Goldsmith – Steven Miller

In memory of Rachel Goldsmith- Jan Giovannelli

Happy Birthday, Hannah! – Kimballa A Turner

In fond memory of Jason’s dog Molly – Hali Larson

In memory of Stanley Plaskow, from the law firm of Carlton Fields Jorden Burt

In memory of Marchelle Sanchez, Dr. & Mrs. L. G. Plummmer

In memory of Gerda Hofer. Thank you for the important ministry you provide in caring for and finding homes for God’s creatures. – Pastor Jim and Barb Kroninger

In Honor of Rachel Goldsmith – Lori, Doug, and Gavin

Much love to son Jim and granddaughter Zoe on their St. Pats birthdays – Bari Hart

In memory of Rachel Goldsmith – Terri Brehm

To celebrate Mason Loeb’s birthday! – Nicole Barnett

For Mason Loeb, so proud of his volunteer efforts – Laurie Staves

In honor of Marchelle and her dedication to Girl Scouts. From, Troop 1166

In Memory of Rachel Goldsmith from Rae Weintraub


February 2015 Memorials and Donations

In honor of Cassie Marie Heldegard – Gayle England

In memory of Marchelle Sanchez – L.G. & Carole Plummer

In memory of Gerda Hofer –  James Kroninger

In honor of Mason Loeb – Jessica Zeitlen

In honor of Mason Loeb’s birthday – Laura Blaivas

In memory of Marchelle Sanchez from Rockbridge Service Unit

To celebrate Mason’s 7th birthday! – Alison Cuppia

Donation on behalf of my daughter, Matison Scharff.  She raised money for your shelter for her Bat Mitzvah project.

In honor of Lyla Mackler’s 6th birthday! – Casey Burke

In honor of Barbara Dunham’s birthday, and her Furkids adoption of Emma and Lucy.  Sharon (March, 2015)

In memory of Scruffy, my first furkid who brought so much joy to me and my family. – Tiffany Knight

In honor of Max’s 18th birthday – Brenda Rothschild

In loving memory of Marchelle McGill Sanchez – Meghan Smith

In memory of Marchelle Sanchez – Kevin Horton

In memory of Marchelle Sanchez from the New Jersey ALS Surveillance Team – Heather Jordan, Lindsay Rechtman, Dan Lefkowitz, and Jerry Fagliano

In rememberance of Chaucer – Victoria Blaine

Thank you Terri Brunson for your help with Charlie and Leo, and for all that you do for animals in need! – William Schneeloch

In memory of Marchelle Sanchez – Lorene Nelson

In memory of Marchelle Sanchez – a wonderful and kind co-worker.  You will be missed.  Debbie Bankston

In Memory of Marchelle Sanchez – Vince Radke

In memory of Marchelle Sanchez, faithful and loving Furkids volunteer. All of our organization mourns her loss and will miss her terribly. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Matthew 5:4 – Samantha Shelton

In memory of Marchelle Sanchez, from her colleagues at ATSDR. You will be deeply missed.

In memory of Georgia, owned by Carol & Matt Mulderin – Maryjane Stevens

In memory of Marchelle Sanchez – Margaret Ritsick

In honor of Lisa Sealock – Leslie Heyward

In memory of Otis – Kathie Schwieger


January 2015 Memorials and Donations

In memory of our sweet cat, Charlie 2003-2014 – Amy and Christopher Miller

In memory of Mrs. Quillen Johnson Lowry, from Mary Giaquinto

In memory of a wonderful person and animal lover, Mrs. Len Lowry, from the Konieczny family

In honor of Jennifer “Dea” Cates – Leslie Macfarlane

In honor of Kit Richter  – Allison Taafe

In memory of Ann Ivan – Allison Taafe

In memory of Kevin Messer – Mary and Jimmy Messer

In loving memory of my sweet girl, Ellie – Julie Zier

In Memory of Dozer Cheek – Donna Malcom

In memory of my beloved Shadow the Gray – my 15 YO rescue kitty – who crossed the Bridge on 1/9/2015 to join his brother, Taz ,  who left us 2 months earlier – Susan Motter

In honor of Diane Wisebram from Marion and Jim – Marion Schertzer

In loving memory of our two precious boys who crossed the bridge this year – Cody and Scooter. The Kimballs

In memory of my friend Brennan Hodges – Bonnie Mitchell

In memory of Samantha Shelton’s mother, Patricia Krebs – Brenna Segal

In honor of Len Lowry by Susan (Lowry) and Jeff Dickerson

In memory of Quillen Lowry from the Swains

In memory of my mother, Quillen J. Lowry – Kay Giaquinto

In honor of Len Lowry by John and Kathy (Kilpatrick) Trumble

In memory of Quillen Lowry – Pam and Mickey Baity

Shirley Payne in memory of Quillen Lowry

In memory of Pat Krebs – Judith Burge

In memory of Mystery Lenart – Melissa Carman

In memory of Joe and Ellen Lenart’s cat Mystery – Lauren and Geri